• Signal spectrum analysis

    Quantity evaluation of pumping well by electricity consumption

    Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis (HEC-RAS model software)

    Cross-section measurement and structural survey of riverbed

    Control Survey

    Water quality analysis (Aq.QA.)

    Simulation and evaluation of the impacts caused by earthquakes with the usage of Taiwan Earthquake Loss Estimation System (TELES)

    Planning potential emergency evacuation routes and shelters by inundation potential maps

    Disaster prevention maps (ArcGIS)

  • Quantity evaluation of groundwater recharge

    Modeling the stage of groundwater (MODFLOW)

    Evaluation of the available groundwater quantity by water-table fluctuation

    Numerical Model for topography measurement

    Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Evaluation of the groundwater resources using geophysical techniques

    Modeling the disaster of toxic chemicals and planning warning areas (ALOHA)

    Analyzing and superposing protective objects in an influence area of potential debris flow torrent

    Disaster survey and site investigation by using GPS and laser rangefinder